Hello. I’m Jay Ruud and I’m glad you’re here.

Eat It, Conway!

A He Said/She Said Romp Through the Restaurants of Conway

Jay and his awesome wife (poet and novelist Stacey Margaret Jones) attempt to eat their way through conway. Our goal is to eat at, and review, every restaurant in Conway, Arkansas. if we miss one, please let us know!


Naru Sushi and Grill

Review No. 20: Naru Sushi and Grill

605 Salem Road

(501) 499-6919

12.8 percent finished with reviews of Conway restaurants

The Situation

He Said: Somebody was hungry and it wasn’t really me. There was a sushi craving there and a light in Jones’s eyes, so we opted for this stop on Conway’s west side, in amongst the several restaurants that orbit the McDonald’s on Salem. It’s the only sushi place on the west side of Conway.

She Said: I was celebrating getting a literary agent for my novel, Ruud! This was BIG. I wanted delicious food and a cocktail, and this place looked like the right place to meet my celebratory needs. We’d had lunch here before, and the food was beautifully plated and the menu was huge, so I knew with their food and full bar, I’d be fine and toasts could ensue.


He Said: The inside is not uncomfortable, though the walls are painted a fairly atrocious shade of nearly fluorescent light green. Not sure what that’s about, but the small pictures hanging here and there didn’t cover up enough of it.

She Said: I like it in there; it’s kind of electric! I find the seating comfortable, but it’s certainly not a cozy, white-table cloth place. I like the energy and vibe of the green color and the layout.  



He Said: My go-to drink at Japanese restaurants is green tea. They brought it in a nice pitcher where it steeped the whole meal and remained pretty weak, as Japanese green tea is wont to do.

She Said: I asked for a cosmopolitan, of course. I was celebrating, and this is my go-to cocktail. The waitress wasn’t familiar with it. They had a full bar, as I mentioned, but cosmos weren’t on the cocktail menu. Still, it’s a basic cocktail, right? When I asked for it, the waitress wasn’t familiar. There was some back and forth with the bar (after I wrote down the name), and then a lovely cosmo was delivered to our table after a little bit. And, since they made a little extra, they just brought me a second one gratis (now THAT’s a celebration!). It was quite delicious, as I like citrus-y cosmos. Cheers!


He Said: I’ve come here for lunch before, and had very mixed results, though last time I got the Bento Box, which was the perfect size for lunch, which they were able to do fairly quickly. Tonight, though, we were trying them out for dinner, so we were looking for something a little more substantial. We decided to share an order of garlic edamame to start. This is good stuff, if you like garlic. You might want to skip it if you’re on your first date, but it does make for a tasty appetizer.

It’s Jones who comes for the sushi. I’m all about the hibachi. I had a meal with hibachi salmon that included a salad, miso soup, and hibachi vegetables. The salad is just lettuce, but the ginger saucer was very tasty—a little sweeter than usual, I thought. The soup was fine, though fairly average. The salmon was pretty dry, which is often the case with hibachi salmon, especially if it comes without a sauce over it. There was a nice tasting dipping sauce that came with it, though, that I made ample use of, and also complemented that with the very satisfying fried rice I had opted for. The vegetables were delicious. I am partial to the taste of hibachi vegetables, and these were no exception.

She Said: One reason I like Japanese restaurants is that you can eat delicious food in small portions, so it’s easier to control the caloric intake. So, of course, I had sushi, the ngiri (which is fish with the rice “attached”): smoked salmon, salmon and egg omelet. The time I came for lunch it was plated so gorgeously, I was in love with how it looked: the sushi was on a little plank across a bowl with greens. It looked like a little sushi garden on a placemat This time, it was much more standard, but it was delicious. The fish tasted very fresh, and the egg omelet sushi, which I adore, was just a little sweet. This place is high on my list for go-to sushi, not just in Conway, but also in central Arkansas.


He Said: In the past. I found the service here could be spotty—I’ve had one lunch, at any rate, that didn’t turn out so hot. But this evening the service was friendly and the server tried really hard to make sure everything was right.

She Said: I’ve had great service both times I’ve been, so maybe they are getting better as they go. I really appreciated that they really put in the effort on my cosmo instead of just saying, “We don’t have that.” My affection for them has nothing to do with the fact that I basically got two for the price of one. Nothing.

What We Got and What We Paid: Garlic edamame appetizer; Hibachi salmon with fried rice, miso soup, salad, and hibachi vegetables, with green tea; smoked salmon sushi, salmon sushi, egg omelet sushi for $46.98.



He Said: Generally good food and decent service. Could be a handy lunch option, since they do have carry out and delivery (via Chef’s Shuttle).

She Said: I’ll be back with my fingers crossed for the prettily-plated sushi, but if I don’t get it, I’ll still be loyal as long as the tasty, fresh fish is delivered to my belly.

So…He Said and She Said: The sushi here might be better than the Hibachi, but the menu is huge, chances are the service will be good, and they’ll make you a mean cocktail!


Streetside Creperie

Review No. 19: Streetside Creperie

1321 Oak Street

(401) 684-2111

12.2 percent finished with reviews of Conway restaurants

The Situation

She Said: We wanted to take our collie Atticus with us somewhere for brunch, and when Little Rock plans fell through, we decided to take him to the Streetside Creperie here in Conway, where we could sit outside and enjoy our food and our dog.

Another aspect of this situation was that we are not naturally that easy-going; we’re a little intense and structured. But sometimes, that perspective doesn’t serve us, so over the years, we’ve developed fun-loving, easy-going personas, whom we have named Lance and Fiona Culpepper (long story). When we need to just be happy, and let things happen—when we go to music festivals, for example—we put on these personas. So, this review is written by Lance and Fiona Culpepper, NOT Stacey and Jay.

He Said: Yeah, well, there did not seem to be any reason to adapt the easy-going personas to begin with here. Sitting outside in the beautiful morning weather with our easy-going old collie lying at our feet at the table was pretty relaxing in itself.


Fiona Said: We were mostly outside with Atticus, but inside is bright and cheery, but small. The chalkboard with the crepes on it is adorable and visually appealing. The staff were all very friendly and welcoming, answering the questions we had about the food and service with cheer and energy.

Lance Said: Yes, it’s quite nice inside, but tiny. Most folks sat outside, or stopped in and took their crepes away, which is another possibility if you’re interested in crepes to go.



Fiona Said: I waited a long time for my latte, but it was really, really delicious, so I didn’t care. The milk was frothed artfully, so it looked pretty while also tasting rich and coffee-tastic. We had such great conversations while we waited!

Lance Said: I decided on some nice green tea, which they brought out right away. So I had the tea long before Fiona had anything to drink.


Fiona Said: Well, I got the wrong order. I ordered the House Crepe with bananas, peanut butter and yogurt. When I ordered, the clerk said she could just give me the peanut butter and bananas crepe, but I said I wanted the yogurt, so I’d take the “house” with those specifications. When the crepe came (after a bit of a wait), I started eating it, noticing that it had strawberries. I thought maybe they all had strawberries, but later, I looked on the back of the paper plate and saw that the order specifications were completely wrong. It was really tasty, but it wasn’t what I ordered, so I would like to know what that would have tasted like. BUT, I’m Fiona, and I don’t care about trivial things like not getting what I ask for when it’s a sunny day, I’m out with my husband and my dog, and I’m eating my delicious food, even if it’s not the delicious food I thought I wanted.

The crepes are sizable, and whatever you order, one will be plenty. The crepe itself had an authentic Parisian-crepe quality, and made me think of my time in that beautifully, tasty city.

Lance Said: The food, when I finally received it, was really very good. I had a savory “Garden Lover” crepe, and it was healthy and hearty for a very satisfying breakfast. The crepes were thin and mouth watering, and the vegetables were flavorful and delicious. And yes, one is a complete breakfast. Lance was happy with the crepe he had.


Fiona Said: Aside from my getting the wrong thing, we waited a long time for our food. You order at the counter and then seat yourself and wait for someone to bring it to you (this is if you are outside; maybe inside they call your name, we don’t know). We had gotten there early to make sure we got an outdoor table because of our dog, and in fact, we were so early, they didn’t have the outdoor tables set up yet, but they did so quickly so we could wait with Atticus. I think we were the second group there, but other outdoor diners got their crepes well before us. In fact, I think we reminded the servers of both my coffee order and Lance’s crepe order, as we waited long enough for both to make us think maybe they had forgotten or lost our requests. Everyone was friendly, though, and we weren’t in a hurry (Lance and Fiona never are!), so we made the most of a lovely morning.

Lance Said: The wife may not have had anything to drink for awhile, but she did have something to eat, even though it wasn’t what she ordered, while I sat with my tea for nearly forty minutes. As Fiona has mentioned, when we arrived at the creperie, there were two people sitting inside who were there before us. After we sat down, a couple of other tables filled and a few people stopped in and left with their orders. Finally I asked a waiter about my order, after which it arrived in another five minutes. So, yeah, when you go you might want to sit inside, since it’s harder for them to forget you if you’re in their sight line. Lance, of course, was just happy to be sitting outside with his dog. And sitting. And sitting.

What We Got and What We Paid: “House crepe” (or something selected for me erroneously by the waitress) and a latte, plus a cup of tea and a Garden Lover’s crepe, all for $25.62.



She Said: I want to try it again, but I’ll be sure to be Fiona before I go, and I’ll make sure I check that I get what I ordered.

He Said: Lance thought it was great. He was delighted with the crepe itself, and, being Lance, didn’t much care about the wait.

So…He Said and She Said: Try the crepes and coffee here, but put on your easy-going personas first


Cross Creek Sandwich Shop

Review No. 18: Cross Creek Sandwich Shop

1003 Oak Street

(501) 764-1811

11.5 percent finished with reviews of Conway restaurants

The Situation

She Said: We went to go mattress shopping, but the store was closed, so we went to lunch instead down the street. That’s my kind of errand date!

He Said: So I said, well let’s eat here at Cross Creek, because we need to review it. And so we did. And so we are.


She Said: It’s cute in a rustic, mountainy, sporty, street-signy way. The wood-paneled walls are decorated with lots of signage and conversation pieces, and the tables are spaced appropriately to be homey without being too crowded or sparse. You order at the counter in the back of the restaurant, where you can peruse a menu or read the specials on a chalkboard where the day’s offerings are written in decorative script. It definitely has a neighborhood, one-of-a-kind, down-home feeling, which I enjoy. There was a steady stream of people coming and going with to-go orders; it seems very popular for take-away. That seems like real dedication to me, because downtown parking isn’t always that easy for quick errands.

He Said: Yes, a lot of people were picking up orders. You can also get deliveries from here through Chef’s shuttle. Go to their web site to order pickup or delivery–

http://www.crosscreeksandwichshop.com/delivery–take-out.html. But it’s also reasonably comfortable to sit inside and eat there. Kind of a strange eclectic décor, though. Kind of like a hunting lodge, ski lodge, or sports-bar conglomerate, with 70s-style wood paneling



She Said: From what I could see, they offered the usual lunch spot beverages, and I chose unsweetened iced tea (as usual). This is completely self-serve—they don’t even hand you the cup at the counter; you just help yourself. I used a lot of ice in case the tea was too strong, but it was just right.

He Said: I decided on unsweetened iced tea myself today, though there was certainly a wider choice of soft drinks—which were, once again, not listed on the menu. I believe I’ve complained about this before, but seriously, if you have something to drink, list it on the menu. Don’t make me ask, or go through a series of requests before by chance finally hitting on something that you actually have.


She Said: The chalkboard read, “QUICHE TODAY,” so I gathered it was not always on the menu, but when I perused the quiche choices –three!—I didn’t find any of them appealing (I don’t like meat in my quiche, and the veggie one had sun-dried tomatoes in it. Ack. I also don’t like tomatoes, and sun-dried tomatoes are extreme, condensed tomatoes. No thank you.)  But it was no problem because the menu has lots of great choices on it of salads, soups, and, of course, sandwiches.

I’m a chicken-salad junkie, and their description of theirs won me over in a heartbeat: it has grapes in the mix, along with pecans. Yes please! I had the whole sandwich with chips. This also comes with their signature dip, but I didn’t need that. I really liked the chicken salad, it was just as delicious as its description sounded, with the various textures of the undry chicken, the nuts and the fruit. The sandwich was dressed with spinach, which was a nice touch instead of tired lettuce, which one sometimes gets. But I didn’t love the bread. It was a little uninteresting and dry, to me. I admit I prefer to have chicken salad on a croissant, but even toast would have been better.

We each also chose a dessert. I had a sugar cookie with strawberry frosting. It was sweet! My teeth tingled with the sugar, but it was delicious, and not so big that I couldn’t handle it. It went perfectly with the sandwich, tea and chips.

He Said: The soup of the day for Thursday was a chicken and wild rice soup, and I for one am always in the mood for a good soup, so I gave it a shot and had the soup and sandwich combination, choosing the sun-dried tomato and turkey sandwich. Because Jones, some people really do like tomatoes, and the more concentrated the better! The turkey, of course, I once again assumed would be the low-fat option and besides, I like turkey. The sandwich also featured cheddar cheese and mixed greens on sourdough bread. If I wanted to cut the fat, I could have left off the cheddar, but I kept it, living dangerously. The sandwich was tasty, the turkey and the sun-dried tomato making a great flavor combination. What I was not in love with was the bread: It really seemed like an everyday piece of sliced white bread, and was a bit flimsy and soggy. But on the whole, the sandwich was good.

What really made the meal was the soup. The chicken and wild rice was a thick soup with several subtle vegetables and spices added, and I was really sad when I was done with it. I finished every drop and, if it wouldn’t have embarrassed Jones, would have licked the bowl. If their other soups are this good, I expect I’ll be lunching there often.

And then I went overboard and had a brownie. It had a cakey kind of base with a kind of vanilla topping stuffed with chocolate chips. I’m pretty sure it was not the low-fat option. I had a few bites, and then took the rest home to eat on a little at a time.  But the dessert was to die for.


She Said: It was fine. I wouldn’t say the woman who waited on us was remarkably friendly, but she was helpful, professional and moved us and the others in line along. We were not familiar with the ways of Cross Creek, and when we asked her a question, she was friendly in her answer. The staff who came to the table to bring food and to clear were friendlier and chatty, but not overbearing. They were busy as it was picking up in there by the time we were ready to leave, but we didn’t feel rushed.

He Said: What she said. It was not unlike any other place where you order and then take a number and somebody delivers your food to your table. The food-delivery people were courteous and prompt.

What We Got and What We Paid: Chicken-salad sandwich, two iced teas, soup and sandwich, sugar cookie and a brownie for $23.78.



She Said: This is going on my Conway lunching rotation, yummy food, efficient service and very nice sweet treats, but maybe I’ll get the chicken salad to go and put it on a croissant at home.

He Said: I want to go back and have more soup. And share one bite of a dessert that Jones might buy.

So…He Said and She Said: Go here for lunch and leave room for dessert.


Arby’s (Conway Commons)

Review No. 17: Arby’s

810 Elsinger Blvd.

(501) 327-2335

10.9  percent finished with reviews of Conway restaurants

The Situation

He Said: I hadn’t been to an Arby’s since moving to Conway 13 years ago. Not because I was deliberately avoiding it, but it just never seemed to be on my radar. Still, there are two Arby’s restaurants in Conway, so the self-regulating constraints of this “every restaurant in Conway” project require us to eat there. Twice. And so we decided to go first to the newer Arby’s at Conway Commons. Things do not seem to have changed a great deal in the decade and a half since I’d last eaten here.

She Said: Yes, this was a total, “We’ve got to review it” decision, but I was secretly excited. Those cherry turnovers are the danged greatest. But, like Ruud, I’d never been inside this restaurant (you can get the turnovers at the drive-thru, you know) since they built it, so I was curious.


He Said: This Arby’s is bright and clean. It looks like, well, like any other Arby’s, or pretty much any other fast-food place, with booths and tables made of fairly cheap materials and neutral colors. If there’s a difference, it’s that the place is quite clean and not at all unpleasant to sit in for a while.

She Said: Yes, there are a lot of windows, so there is natural light, and the place was clean and bright. When we were walking in, I felt like I do anytime we stop for fast-food on a road-trip and luck into a pleasant place for a mild repast.



He Said: Pepsi products. That meant Mountain Dew, my soft drink of choice when I can get it and don’t mind being hopped up on caffeine for a while.

She Said: Unsweet tea for me, of course. It was very tasty, and I got a refill to go, which means it wasn’t too strong.


He Said: Arby’s is known for having the meats. With my need for a low-fat diet, that doesn’t help me much, since I need to avoid red meat if possible. I was glad, therefore, to see a number of turkey sandwich possibilities on the menu. I ordered the Roast Turkey and Swiss sandwich, and was really struck by how delicious the turkey was. It didn’t taste like some deli meat, full of preservatives, but like it was freshly cut from a newly roasted bird. It came on honey-wheat bread, which was the perfect complement for the turkey. The sandwich typically comes with lettuce, red onion, tomato, spicy brown mustard, mayonnaise, and that slice of Swiss cheese. I had not really considered Arby’s as a sandwich shop before, but for taste I’d put the roast turkey and Swiss up against anything from Subway, Quiznos, or such eateries.

That’s the good news. After I got home, I did what I should have done before I went to the restaurant: I looked up Arby’s nutrition guide online. Turns out there are actually 710 calories and 28 grams of fat in the Roasted Turkey and Swiss sandwich. Yes, those are not typos. Typically, someone looking for a low-fat option in a sandwich will opt for turkey because it has less fat than chicken or any red meat. But this sandwich turns out to be sneaky fat: the mayonnaise, of course, had a lot of fat in it. I did know enough to ask for the sandwich without mayonnaise, and so spared myself a good chunk of fat there. I could have left off the cheese as well, though one slice of Swiss cheese doesn’t have a significant amount of fat. But the rest must be in the bread and the honey mustard, which usually don’t have to be a worry but in this case seemed to contain a good deal of something.

That the honey mustard was the chief offender became clear when I also had a side salad. As far as the salad goes, it was pretty plain—just lettuce, a few scraps of tomatoes, and some shredded cheddar cheese, which for low-fat purposes I could have skipped, but they were about the only thing that was giving the salad any flavor. I counted on the dressing to help, and ordered—what else?—the honey mustard dressing. Honey doesn’t really have any fat. Neither does mustard. So that’s usually a safe bet. But Arby’s gives you the dressing in a plastic packet, which has nutritional ingredients on the outside. Just before opening the dressing, I noticed that in fact there were 16 grams of fat just in that dollop of dressing! “Contains egg,” the Arby’s Website tells me.  So I traded the dressing in for a light Italian dressing with one gram of fat and breathed a sigh of relief. For the moment—until I realized, after looking at the online nutritional chart, that I had gotten a good portion of the honey mustard with egg concoction on my sandwich.

The upshot of the matter is this: Don’t be fooled at Arby’s. Check the nutritional content of the food before you go there to order. The sandwich will doubtless taste good (I won’t make any predictions about the salad), but even if you think you are eating healthy, you very well may not be. Make what adjustments you can. I actually would have been better off ordering the Roast Beef Classic, which had half the calories (360) and half the fat (14 grams) of my turkey sandwich (the far healthier meat choice).

She Said: Yeah, Ruud, this eatery is a “meatery” and I guess they feel compelled, as many fast-food places do, to fatten up the lean options—I mean, that sandwich was nearly half the calories you eat all day! I wasn’t tempted by any of the beef offerings—I’m a hamburger devotee, but I am not a fan of roast beef, which is why I’ve never been devoted to Arby’s for anything but the turnovers. I didn’t look up the calories before we went, but I did check out the menu, just to give me an idea of what to expect. Armed with this knowledge, I chose the green salad with roast turkey for my entrée. It’s a pretty good helping, and has a healthy amount of turkey along with lots of cheddar cheese, fresh tomatoes and lettuce. I, too, chose the honey mustard dressing. I used about ¼ of the packet. I could not eat all of the salad, partly because I got full of the roughage and just a little tired of the taste of it after the turkey was all picked out (I’m not a huge fan of cheddar cheese—or tomatoes). It turns out you should have had the salad, Ruud, as it was fewer than 300 calories total.

I did notice a slight allergic reaction—swollen glands—to the salad within an hour. It’s a reaction I sometimes get to restaurant greens, not always from chain or fast-food places. I suspect it’s a preservative for the lettuce that is getting to me (the worst reaction I ever had was to a New Jersey Blimpy’s sub with tons of lettuce).

The turnover was slightly squished by the time it came to me, but it was warm and delicious, and it took me back to when I first discovered their gooey deliciousness as a young professional in South Dakota. They’re almost 400 calories, so they’re a splurge. But they deliver on the caloric promise they make!


He Said: The service here is very friendly—we had a cheerful young woman who was patient and helpful with the person my wife calls “the world’s slowest orderer,” and the two people at the counter when I went back to exchange my honey mustard dressing for something else were understanding, cooperative, and helpful in finding the lowest fat option. So service here is a plus.

She Said: I agree: The woman who first waited on us was one of the friendliest people I’ve come in contact with at fast food places in ages. She’s going places!

What We Got and What We Paid: Roast Turkey and Swiss sandwich meal, with a side salad and Mountain Dew, roast turkey farmhouse salad, cherry turnover and medium iced tea for $17.87.



He Said: Good food, at a reasonable price and nice service, but somewhat deceptive in terms of your healthy options!

She Said: The actually healthy option was boring, but the turnovers still got it!

So…He Said and She Said: Go here for a light and airy break from work, but do your homework first if you’re trying to eat healthy.


Bob’s Grill

Review No. 16: Bob’s Grill

1112 Oak Street

(501) 329-9760

10.3 percent finished with reviews of Conway restaurants

The Situation

She Said: It was the first Monday of Ruud’s retirement, and I was skipping my morning workout and Monday fast because I felt like I was getting a cold (again!). This seemed like a great day for Eat It, Conway! to do a breakfast review, and it was time for us to visit this Conway institution. We’ve lived here 13 years, and we’ve never eaten breakfast or lunch here.

He Said: So I woke up on a Monday morning with no one to tell me what to do! And then my wife told me we were going to go review Bob’s Grill.


She Said: I walked in and instantly felt at home. It has the look and feel of so many of the small-town diners in Kansas and South Dakota I was taken to as a child. Except it’s HUGE. It just goes and goes and goes, back, actually to a rear parking lot in case you don’t want to futz with parallel parking downtown. We were invited to seat ourselves and found a snuggly booth along the west wall. I love the local art for sale along the walls, the white boards with the daily specials (Blue Plate specials, grill specials and the fried pies of the day). You can also find these boards in photos on Bob’s Grill’s Facebook page. They open at 5 a.m. every day of the week, and when we arrived after 9 a.m., there was energy here, but the place wasn’t full, as it is so big.

He Said: It definitely has that small-town diner feel, but there are lots of tables. The center of the large room has several very long tables, designed for large parties. These were not occupied at breakfast time when we went, but I can imagine a large early morning coffee klatch there, reviewing all the town gossip before starting the day in downtown Conway.



She Said: I rather expected that watered down coffee you get at chain breakfast places (which shall remain nameless), but what I got was delicious and strong. I admit I made a cup of coffee at home before we left because I like my coffee how I like it: a double espresso with half and half. But I was very happy with the cup of coffee I got here, and next time, I won’t feel the need to prepare with my own brew before I go. I also ordered a “small” glass of grapefruit juice, and I’m glad I got a small. At many restaurants and diners, this would be a medium or a large.

He Said: I’m not so big on coffee, but I do like a variety of juices, and I got the “medium” size grapefruit juice. Not sure what the large would look like, but proportionally I’d guess it would be in one of those 82-ounce glasses.


She Said: Since I was fighting a cold, I went for the calories with impunity. I have a weakness for French toast, and while I thought briefly about one of the breakfast combinations or the delicious looking breakfast sandwiches, I knew this old favorite was going to be my choice. I asked for turkey bacon, and the waitress said they don’t have that, but she could give me a side of turkey. I threw caution to the wind and went with the bacon. I only like bacon if it is extra crispy, and honestly, in most restaurants, I order extra crispy bacon and never get it. But here, it was thick-cut and very, very crispy. Delicious! The egg was a perfect medium-fried egg, as well. But the French toast. Oh, my friends! The French toast was fantastic. It’s got to be the best in Conway. I happened to mention it to the waitress who picked up our plates, and she told me that they use Texas toast, which they dip in pancake batter before it is cooked. It has a light, cinnamon taste, which comes from that batter. I will probably dream of this French toast, and I will be ordering it again soon.

He Said: Breakfast can be challenging for somebody trying to stay low-fat, since pretty much everything worth eating at breakfast is either full of eggs, butter or meat (i.e, pork or bacon), and/or is deep fried.  A lot of places have low-fat options but these consist of cereal, some fruit, and some yogurt, all of which you could just go buy at a grocery store (since there’s no preparation involved), and eat at home for less than a quarter of what it costs in a restaurant.

So it’s always a great joy to find a place that will make egg-white (or even Egg Beaters) omelets. And Bob’s is one of those wonderful places. I was able to get an egg-white omelet with tomatoes, peppers and mushroom (and no cheese), and it was delicious. I also took a shot and tried the hash browns: potatoes have no fat but these were fried. But I found them to be fluffy and not too deep fried, with no sign of excess oil, so they were a relatively healthy splurge for me. I also got four slices of delicious rye toast. All in all, the breakfast was terrific.


She Said: I stole some of your hashbrowns, Ruud, and they were not greasy in taste or texture. Getting on with things, the service here was stellar. We had a “team” of waitresses for our main servers—I think one of them was in training. We were newbies to a place that probably hosts a lot of veterans, but we never felt unwelcome or out of the insiders’ loop. The menus are on the tables, and you seat yourself, but they came to us right away to ask about our drink orders, and they answered all of our questions patiently and gave us options when they didn’t have what we wanted (turkey bacon). A number of different people checked in on us along with our main servers. And I probably got offered coffee refills 10 times in the hour or so we were there.

One thing I really, really liked was that when I thanked our waitress, she said, “You’re welcome” instead of “no problem.” I know it’s a little thing, but it always rubs me the wrong way when someone is waiting on me in a restaurant or store and says, “No problem!” when I thank them. I guess I figured it was no problem, since it’s his or her job. “You’re welcome” is so much nicer, more hospitable and gracious.

He Said: What she said. Service was friendly and professional, and attentive without being intrusive. And Jones, you don’t have to thank me for going with you. “No problem,” I say.

What We Got and What We Paid: Egg-white omelet with tomato, peppers, mushrooms, hash browns and rye toast, along with French toast, bacon and a side egg, coffee, a medium grapefruit juice and a small grapefruit juice for $25.76.



She Said: Best French toast in Conway, so I’ll be back to this friendly place for breakfast as soon as I can!

He Said: You won’t have to drag me back. Especially if you’re buying. Thanks, by the way—now that I’m on a fixed income, it helps if I can get by without paying…

So…He Said and She Said: Go here for the diner experience and get delicious food with healthy options from friendly staffers.

Faby picture

Faby’s No. 2

Review No. 15: Faby’s No. 2
1023 Front Street
(501) 513-1199
9.6 percent finished with reviews of Conway restaurants

The Situation
He Said: So apparently there are two of these in Conway, hence the number “2” attached to this downtown version of the place. It had been recommended to us, so of course we decided to give it a try for a review. It’s a little soon after our last Mexican restaurant review, but since there are, to quote myself, at least a thousand Mexican restaurants in Conway, that’s gonna happen from time to time! Faby’s is not entirely Mexican, though, since it also boasts “continental” food on its menu which as far as I could tell meant pasta.
She Said: Yeah, the menu is extensive, and it was a delightful place to come to celebrate your first day of retirement, Ruud! I had a tough workout that morning, so I was hungry. I could see right away there would be something for me here.

He Said: This is a nice place. Its downtown location makes it convenient for a lot of people for lunch, which is what we were here for. But also, being in an older downtown building, it had some style and solidity in its environs, and the walls with exposed brick in places decorated with large tasteful canvases of modern art, made for a comfortable atmosphere.
She Said: Yes, I thought it was quite lovely. I like the dark walls and brick you mentioned. It’s a large space, but doesn’t feel big or impersonal, and it’s always fun to come to downtown Conway!

He Said: Coke products. No root beer. Went to my go-to Dr Pepper.
She Said: I had unsweet iced tea, which was tasty, and they served it with a glass of ice on the side so I could administer the ice and adjust the strength of the tea myself. That was a nice touch!

He Said: I found the food to be rich and flavorful Mexican/American fare (I was tempted by the pasta, but went with the “combination” of three chicken tacos with refried beans and Mexican rice). They brought the usual salsa and chips beforehand, along with a small complimentary cup of tortilla soup. The chips were very fresh and light, and the salsa was really a notch above most places, not only because it was deliciously rich but because it was hot—and I don’t mean spicy, but heated as on a stove. This made for an extraordinarily tasty appetizer, and the tortilla soup was just as fresh and flavorful as the salsa.

The chicken tacos (I always get chicken tacos because chicken has far less fat than red meat) were as good as any I’ve had—the chicken was white and tender and there was a lot of it, and the crispy shells seemed made out of the same very fresh and light stuff as the chips. I asked for more salsa and added it to the tacos, which made them even better. The refried beans and rice were, again, as good as any I’ve had in Conway.
She Said: I wanted to at least try the “continental” side of things, so I started with the crab cakes appetizer, although, of course, I really started with the included chips and the tortilla soup, which were both excellent. The crab cakes were deep fried, but the crab meat was really good and tasted very fresh. I could only eat one, so I brought the other home. This could be a lunch on its own: You get two of the cakes, and the breading and rich seafood meat make them rich and filling. It comes with a small salad and a red sauce that more like a chunky-tomato spicy marinara. I didn’t eat much of that because I don’t like red sauces, but I tried a little, and it added some spice to the cakes.

For my entrée, I chose the taco salad from the lunch menu, and it was excellent. I chose shredded chicken meat (you can also get beef or fajita chicken). It wasn’t huge, but I couldn’t eat it all, as the salad was filling with guacamole, plenty of meat, cheese and a cheesy dressing. They serve it with queso on the side so you can add that, as well. The shell it came in was really delicious—the best I’ve ever had a taco salad in—fresh and crispy, but light, not greasy. Perfection! When I was finishing up but still picking, I broke off sections and dipped them in the queso. Yum! I will definitely be coming back here with this salad in mind!

He Said: The service was prompt and friendly, and the server responded quickly when I asked for anything. You must pay your bill at a window rather than from your table, which perhaps speeds things up at the end of the meal if you’ve got to get back to work after lunch.
She Said: Yes, everyone there was very friendly and helpful. We had questions, having never eaten there before, and our waitress was agreeable and always in a good mood. I thought everyone was very hospitable.

What We Got and What We Paid: Combination meal with three chicken tacos, refried beans, and rice, as well as crab cakes, a taco salad, and unsweetened iced tea, for $24.73 (Ruud got a senior discount, which is available on Tuesdays).

He Said: Good food, very reasonably priced, decent service and a nice atmosphere. This should go into our rotation.
She Said: Yes, we’ll be back here. I’d like to try the pasta dishes, but I don’t know if anything can ever get my mind off that delightful taco salad!

So…He Said and She Said: Go here, eat yummy food at a reasonable price, enjoy the service and the discount on Tuesdays if you’re a senior citizen!


Taylors’ Made Cafe

No. 14: Taylors’ Made Cafe
283 Highway 365

(501) 470-3322

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The Situation

She Said: I’ve been looking for a karaoke venue where we can inflict our sound stylings on unsuspecting central Arkansans, and I happened to notice that Taylors’ Made has lots of activities weekly, such as Monday movies and Wednesday karaoke. I wasn’t familiar with the restaurant, so I wanted to try it, as one of the reasons we started this multi-year journey of reviewing every restaurant in Conway was to break us out of our comfortable five go-to-restaurants. I realized I’d been here once before when it was a former iteration. I wasn’t teaching yoga, like I usually do on Wednesdays, and I was feeding a pre-cold so as not to get a cold. This place was just the ticket for a mid-week, high-calorie date night!

He Said:  I had my doubts about the legitimacy of this restaurant for this project, it being three and a half miles south of town on Highway 365. But the address is technically “Conway” according to their Website, so with some skepticism I allowed myself to leave the secure city limits and wander off into the barren wilderness toward towns with exotic names like “Mayflower.”



She Said: I like this place! It reminds me of South Dakota or Wisconsin supper clubs, not posh, but comfortable, and easy going, but still pleasant and appealing in a down-home, small-town, unpretentious way. There is a larger dining room, where we were invited to sit wherever we liked by the smiling and welcoming waitress. There’s interesting and attractive art on the paneled walls, and there is a full bar, with tables as well, to the left of the entrance. Beyond that is the Parachute Patio, which is an ample deck with a large stage for live music, a big permanent screen for movies and the set up for karaoke!

He Said: Well, the dining room was a little Spartan, I thought, despite the art, which was nice but sparse. I did enjoy the Parachute Patio, which seemed particularly comfortable in a casual way, though not necessarily where you’d want to go in an Arkansas summer.



She Said: Yeah, Ruud, we lucked into a semi-decent-weather night to try out the patio. But, Taylors’ Made is a big-old winner in my book inside or outside, because the cosmopolitan I ordered is perhaps the best I’ve had in Conway, or its outer reaches. It was perfectly “grown-up” whilst also being light and fruity for summer. It’s apparently not easy to make a cosmo as well as my brother Chuck taught me how to make at home, and the bartender at Taylors’ Made gets it. Total cosmo-awesomeness in a glass! This was a little surprising to me because in similar establishments in Wisconsin, I’ve been asked if I wanted my cabernet “on the rocks.”

He Said: I can see we’ll be returning here, if only for the cosmos. Me, I had a Coke. I got a free refill. There was lots of ice.



She Said: As I perused the menu upon sitting down to our table, I figured you’d be working hard to find something you can eat, Ruud, but I was pretty excited about the comfort-food extravaganza listed before me. Fried is the order of the day, because, of course, fried food is delicious. Of course, there were specials that weren’t fried, salmon and an ahi tuna offering, as well. A lot of dishes tempted me, fried chicken, fried shrimp, burgers, etc., but too much frying and my delicate-flower constitution don’t always get along. Given my carb-loading efforts, I was a little disappointed with the lack of pasta offerings, but I finally settled on a burger.

The Eat It, Conway! project has changed this for me, but, for the past several years, I’ve limited my burger intake to about one a quarter because I’m not that comfortable eating beef for health and humane reasons, but a great burger is one of my top-five favorite foods. It’s also a lot of calories in a fatty-carby package, which was just what the doctor ordered. I’d heard that the onion rings here are stellar, so I did something I almost never do: I sacrificed my beloved French fries to substitute onion rings. I’m so glad I did. The burger came just as I ordered, which was a nice change from the forced-cheeseburger-fun-march of Sonic recently, with lettuce, pickles, onions and mayo only. They didn’t ask how I wanted it cooked, and it may have been a little north of the medium I usually prefer, but I didn’t mind at all. It was perfectly satisfying in a way fast-food burgers never are. And those onion rings were mighty fine, the carby-coating was tasty without being greasy. It was really a great burger meal, and I actually felt some dread knowing I would have irresistible cravings for just this meal in the very near future.

He Said: This menu was quite challenging for someone looking for low-fat options. I believe every one of the appetizers was fried, and just about all of the sandwiches. There was a grilled chicken sandwich, but there was also a grilled chicken dinner, so I went for that. I was tempted by the salmon special, but the fact is I learned a lesson a long time ago that most of these kinds of “down-home” restaurants that do not have salmon as a regular item on the menu will inevitably overcook it, and if you’ve overcooked salmon—if you cook it beyond “medium”—you’ve ruined it. So I went with the grilled chicken, which came with a choice of two sides, the least fatty of which appeared to be the rice pilaf and the green beans. For less than two bucks extra, I could add a dinner salad, so I did.

The salad was actually really good—just lettuce with some grated cheddar cheese, tomatoes, and croutons, and some low-fat ranch dressing. I was quite happy with it. The rice pilaf was also very tasty, and the meal came with a dinner roll which, after I asked for butter, was very flavorful. The green beans were not bad—they pretty obviously came from a can, but they did have some bacon in them, which I needed to eat around, since bacon is anathema to the pancreas. The chicken, however, was a disappointment. I suppose it’s true of most grilled chicken breasts, but there was nothing there but the chicken breast—no kind of sauce or spice to dress it up a little. So it was basically dry and not particularly tender. I ate some of the rice with each mouthful, which made it more palatable.


She Said: Everyone here was very, very friendly, casual, laid-back and hospitable. The waitress checked on us without being omnipresent, and when we moved to the patio for karaoke, where we saw more than one table enjoying something that seemed to be a bucket of bottled beers, another waitress made sure we had eaten and didn’t need anything. The service was a big part of the easy-going, fun-night-out vibe I had here.

He Said: The friendliness was there for sure, and they were very accommodating about our moving to the patio. I suppose it’s part of their “thing” to have the waitress not write down the order, but that always annoys me a little, since unless the server has a perfect memory, s/he often either gets something wrong or has to come back and clarify something. So I was glad when the waitress came back and asked about my side dishes again, since otherwise I’d have ended up with mashed potatoes instead of rice, and there’d have been hell to pay! Well, probably not, but it was better than bringing the wrong item. And she did bring me butter for the roll right away when I asked. But my main advice: let your servers write down the friggin’ order! Who cares if they have good memories? Isn’t getting the order right our goal here?


What We Got and What We Paid: Hamburger with onion rings (substituted for the fries), grilled chicken breast with rice pilaf, green beans and a roll, a side salad, a soda, a stellar cosmopolitan and a glass of red wine for $33.07.


She Said: I had a great time (and I’m sure everyone who heard our rendition of “Jackson” did too)! The comfort food was on point, and the karaoke was a fun addition. I’ll be back, maybe in my yoga clothes after teaching gentle basics.

He Said: I imagine we’ll be back for cosmos and karaoke, and maybe I’ll treat everyone with my personal signature karaoke number, “Born to be Wild”! (“Get your motor runnin’, head out on the highway!”). But I’ll see if there’s something else I can order next time.

So…He Said and She Said: Go here for a great vibe, tasty comfort food and Parachute-Patio fun. But you’ll have a tough time eating healthy.