Burger King on Dave Ward

Review No. 66: Bonus! Check In Burger King on Dave Ward

2325 Dave Ward Drive

(501) 504-6671

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The Situation

He Said: So I had just dropped our youngest, Lavinia, off at Hounds Hideaway for a day of play, and planned to swing by Wendy’s on Dave Ward on the way home to pick up some breakfast, since it’s time we did a mini-review of one of the many Wendy’s restaurants in town. Turns out Wendy’s on Dave Ward does not open until 10 a.m., so no breakfast was coming from there. Burger King on Dave Ward, on the other hand, opens at 6 a.m., and yes, they do have breakfast choices there.

Trouble was, I had checked out Wendy’s menu ahead of time, to see what someone on a very low-fat diet might expect to eat, but I hadn’t done the same for Burger King. And folks, things did not look promising. Apparently the Burger King chain offers “original maple flavored oatmeal,” but I didn’t see it on the menu here. Typical items were the sausage, egg and cheese biscuit, which has 35 grams of fat (a good 60 percent of the total amount of fat I can safely have in a full day), or the bacon, egg and cheese Croissan’wich, with only 18 grams of fat. I opted for a chicken biscuit meal, which sounded like it would do the least damage. It included hash browns and a coffee (the coffee was for She Said. I ordered orange juice for myself). The chicken biscuit is not on the nutrition menu; perhaps it’s new or some local dish. I’m guessing it’s similar to the crispy grilled chicken sandwich without mayo, which has 17 grams of fat, but it’s probably smaller. The small order of hash browns, it turns out, are an additional 16 grams of fat, so I had about 32 grams of fat for breakfast. Which means I probably should be pretty careful the rest of the day.

The Minute Maid orange juice was fine, and fatless. I can’t complain about the hash browns, which were delicious, of course. The chicken was crispy and tasty, though the chicken biscuit as a meal was pretty dry, since it came without condiments. Of course, butter or, much worse, mayonnaise, would have jacked up the fat grams quite a bit. So it was certainly better for me without anything on it. Altogether, it was a good tasting but not particularly healthy breakfast for me today.


She Said: Yes, He Said surprised me with BK breakfast after dropping off our baby at school, and I was quite pleased. I didn’t choose my meal, but it’s exactly what I would have picked, Ruud. Good job! The bacon, egg and cheese Croissan’wich was pretty tasty, though it was small. That was probably good, because at about half the size of a typical croissant sandwich in a local restaurant, it was still 340 calories. But it was one of the tastier fast-food breakfast items I remember eating. Unlike He Said’s sandwich, it was a great blend of textures and tastes. The “hashbrowns,” (250 calories) which I would call “tater tots,” were also delicious, not too greasy, with crispy outsides and light, flaky insides. The coffee was the low-point to me: a little bitter and not strong enough.

But though this was a pretty caloric breakfast for me (590 calories), it had the same effect on me that fast food always does: I eat it, I enjoy the taste of it, and then, at best I feel like I haven’t eaten, or at worst, wish I hadn’t eaten that. I still felt like I wanted breakfast when I finished this food, but had to go easy on food the rest of the day to allow for about half my calories consumed at one sitting.


What We Got and What We Paid: One bacon, egg and cheese Croissan’wich, one chicken biscuit, two small hash browns, one orange juice, one small coffee, all for $10.62.



He Said: It tastes good. Not all that good for me, though. That’s the dilemma of fast food breakfast.

She Said: If I’m going to have fast-food breakfast, of those I’ve tried so far, this has been the tastiest, but for the calorie load, it’s as unsatisfying as the BK coffee.

So…He Said and She Said: Go here for a yummier fast-food breakfast if you’re not counting calories or fat grams.



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