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Ant Man and the Wasp

Ant-Man and the Wasp  Peyton Reed (2018) If it bothered anyone that Paul Rudd’s Ant-Man was not among the 6,000 superhero characters involved in this spring’s Avengers: Infinity War, your concerns should be assuaged if you stay past the credits and watch the tail-end of Marvel’s current release, Ant-Man and the Wasp, wherein a connection […]

Verona Italian Restaurant

Review No. 117: Verona Italian Restaurant 190 Highway 65 North (501) 358-6801 57.7 percent finished reviewing Conway restaurants   The Situation She Said: I was battling hunger pangs and losing, so I felt like a carb-fest was in order. We’d heard there was a new restaurant in the building across from the movie-theater complex and […]


Review No. 116: Cicis 1250 Old Morrilton Hwy (501) 764-0600 57.1 percent finished reviewing Conway restaurants   The Situation He Said: Cici’s Pizza, now formally known as just “Cicis,” is a chain of pizza-based buffet restaurants headquartered in Irving, Texas, with about 500 restaurants in 35 different states. There are eight Cicis locations in Arkansas, […]


Casablanca Michael Curtiz (1942) Casablanca today is a sprawling, teeming metropolitan area of some nine million people. While it doesn’t approach the huge megalopolises of Lagos or Cairo, it is still among the largest cities in Africa, a far cry from the quaint old town depicted in the famous film of the same name. That […]

Katmandu Momo

Review No. 115: Katmandu Momo 1018 W Oak Street 501-205-8679 56.9 percent finished reviewing Conway restaurants   The Situation She Said: We’d been seeing our friends check in to the restaurant for a few weeks, so we decided it was a good lunch spot on a hot day. I took a break from my desk, […]


RBG Julie Cohen and Betsy West (2018) The U.S. Supreme Court is not generally looked upon as a hotbed of human drama, a mine from which the stuff of emotionally riveting films might be extracted. Nevertheless, within the past year two films focusing on important, trailblazing justices have made their way into a popular cinematic […]


Review No. 114: Hardee’s 1055 Dave Ward Drive (501) 499-6462 56.4 percent finished reviewing Conway restaurants   The Situation He Said: Hardee’s seems never to be on my radar. I don’t go looking for it when I’m, say, driving cross country and need to make a quick stop for sustenance. I couldn’t even tell you […]

The Incredibles 2

The Incredibles 2  Brad Bird (2018) Has it really been fourteen years since the first Incredibles movie? Maybe it just doesn’t seem that long because Brad Bird’s initial animated foray into the superhero genre was so fresh, so memorable, that it seems like just yesterday that I laughed through it, enjoying the retro-futuristic Pixar animation of […]