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The Glass Castle

The Glass Castle Destin Daniel Cretton (2017) The official synopsis of this film from the distributor says that it “chronicl[es] the adventures of an eccentric, resilient, and tight-knit family.” I guess that’s just a euphemistic way of saying “criminally dysfunctional.” At the end of this film—this is not really a spoiler—the father of the family, […]

Bear’s Bistro

Review No. 71: Bear’s Bistro 2850 Prince Street, Suite 99 (501) 932-6616 36.4 percent finished reviewing Conway restaurants   The Situation She Said: I was looking for somewhere to go for a real meal at an odd time, after we got out of a movie around 3 p.m. on a Saturday. I quickly checked Bear’s […]

Wendy’s on Dave Ward

Review No. 70: Bonus! Check-In at Wendy’s Dave Ward 3750 Dave Ward Drive (501) 548-0143 36.1 percent finished reviewing Conway restaurants Note: We post bonus reviews as we check in to various chain restaurants around Conway for which we have already done an initial review. We reviewed Wendy’s on Oak Street in May, and we’ll check […]


Detroit Kathryn Bigelow (2017) In July of 2016, a black man named Philando Castile, driving with his girlfriend and four-year-old daughter in Falcon Heights, Minnesota, a suburb of St. Paul, was pulled over because his brake light was out. Asked for his license and registration, Castile informed the officer that he was carrying a gun. […]

Dairy Queen

Review No. 69: Dairy Queen 2650 Donaghey Avenue (501) 336-8955 35.5 percent finished reviewing Conway restaurants   The Situation She Said: Dairy Queen is a nostalgic restaurant for me; we didn’t have one in our very small town in South Dakota where I grew up, but there were DQs about in the north, and it […]

The Big Sick

The Big Sick Michael Showalter (2017) I admit that I really didn’t want to see this movie. For one thing, I thought it had a stupid title. For another thing, I really didn’t want to watch still another movie about a love affair in which some young person is dying of some terrible disease and […]

Ceci’s Chicken N Waffles

Review No. 68: Ceci’s Chicken N Waffles 1600 Dave Ward Drive (501) 358-6944 35 percent finished reviewing Conway restaurants   The Situation He Said: About a two months ago we pulled into the empty parking lot around this space, thinking to review the “Bleu Flame Burger” restaurant, only to find a handwritten sign, announcing that […]