Cross Creek Sandwich Shop

Review No. 18: Cross Creek Sandwich Shop

1003 Oak Street

(501) 764-1811

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The Situation

She Said: We went to go mattress shopping, but the store was closed, so we went to lunch instead down the street. That’s my kind of errand date!

He Said: So I said, well let’s eat here at Cross Creek, because we need to review it. And so we did. And so we are.



She Said: It’s cute in a rustic, mountainy, sporty, street-signy way. The wood-paneled walls are decorated with lots of signage and conversation pieces, and the tables are spaced appropriately to be homey without being too crowded or sparse. You order at the counter in the back of the restaurant, where you can peruse a menu or read the specials on a chalkboard where the day’s offerings are written in decorative script. It definitely has a neighborhood, one-of-a-kind, down-home feeling, which I enjoy. There was a steady stream of people coming and going with to-go orders; it seems very popular for take-away. That seems like real dedication to me, because downtown parking isn’t always that easy for quick errands.

He Said: Yes, a lot of people were picking up orders. You can also get deliveries from here through Chef’s shuttle. Go to their web site to order pickup or delivery––take-out.html. But it’s also reasonably comfortable to sit inside and eat there. Kind of a strange eclectic décor, though. Kind of like a hunting lodge, ski lodge, or sports-bar conglomerate, with 70s-style wood paneling



She Said: From what I could see, they offered the usual lunch spot beverages, and I chose unsweetened iced tea (as usual). This is completely self-serve—they don’t even hand you the cup at the counter; you just help yourself. I used a lot of ice in case the tea was too strong, but it was just right.

He Said: I decided on unsweetened iced tea myself today, though there was certainly a wider choice of soft drinks—which were, once again, not listed on the menu. I believe I’ve complained about this before, but seriously, if you have something to drink, list it on the menu. Don’t make me ask, or go through a series of requests before by chance finally hitting on something that you actually have.



She Said: The chalkboard read, “QUICHE TODAY,” so I gathered it was not always on the menu, but when I perused the quiche choices –three!—I didn’t find any of them appealing (I don’t like meat in my quiche, and the veggie one had sun-dried tomatoes in it. Ack. I also don’t like tomatoes, and sun-dried tomatoes are extreme, condensed tomatoes. No thank you.)  But it was no problem because the menu has lots of great choices on it of salads, soups, and, of course, sandwiches.

I’m a chicken-salad junkie, and their description of theirs won me over in a heartbeat: it has grapes in the mix, along with pecans. Yes please! I had the whole sandwich with chips. This also comes with their signature dip, but I didn’t need that. I really liked the chicken salad, it was just as delicious as its description sounded, with the various textures of the undry chicken, the nuts and the fruit. The sandwich was dressed with spinach, which was a nice touch instead of tired lettuce, which one sometimes gets. But I didn’t love the bread. It was a little uninteresting and dry, to me. I admit I prefer to have chicken salad on a croissant, but even toast would have been better.

We each also chose a dessert. I had a sugar cookie with strawberry frosting. It was sweet! My teeth tingled with the sugar, but it was delicious, and not so big that I couldn’t handle it. It went perfectly with the sandwich, tea and chips.


He Said: The soup of the day for Thursday was a chicken and wild rice soup, and I for one am always in the mood for a good soup, so I gave it a shot and had the soup and sandwich combination, choosing the sun-dried tomato and turkey sandwich. Because Jones, some people really do like tomatoes, and the more concentrated the better! The turkey, of course, I once again assumed would be the low-fat option and besides, I like turkey. The sandwich also featured cheddar cheese and mixed greens on sourdough bread. If I wanted to cut the fat, I could have left off the cheddar, but I kept it, living dangerously. The sandwich was tasty, the turkey and the sun-dried tomato making a great flavor combination. What I was not in love with was the bread: It really seemed like an everyday piece of sliced white bread, and was a bit flimsy and soggy. But on the whole, the sandwich was good.

What really made the meal was the soup. The chicken and wild rice was a thick soup with several subtle vegetables and spices added, and I was really sad when I was done with it. I finished every drop and, if it wouldn’t have embarrassed Jones, would have licked the bowl. If their other soups are this good, I expect I’ll be lunching there often.

And then I went overboard and had a brownie. It had a cakey kind of base with a kind of vanilla topping stuffed with chocolate chips. I’m pretty sure it was not the low-fat option. I had a few bites, and then took the rest home to eat on a little at a time.  But the dessert was to die for.



She Said: It was fine. I wouldn’t say the woman who waited on us was remarkably friendly, but she was helpful, professional and moved us and the others in line along. We were not familiar with the ways of Cross Creek, and when we asked her a question, she was friendly in her answer. The staff who came to the table to bring food and to clear were friendlier and chatty, but not overbearing. They were busy as it was picking up in there by the time we were ready to leave, but we didn’t feel rushed.

He Said: What she said. It was not unlike any other place where you order and then take a number and somebody delivers your food to your table. The food-delivery people were courteous and prompt.


What We Got and What We Paid: Chicken-salad sandwich, two iced teas, soup and sandwich, sugar cookie and a brownie for $23.78.



She Said: This is going on my Conway lunching rotation, yummy food, efficient service and very nice sweet treats, but maybe I’ll get the chicken salad to go and put it on a croissant at home.

He Said: I want to go back and have more soup. And share one bite of a dessert that Jones might buy.


So…He Said and She Said: Go here for lunch and leave room for dessert.