Faby’s No. 2

Review No. 15: Faby’s No. 2
1023 Front Street
(501) 513-1199
9.6 percent finished with reviews of Conway restaurants

The Situation
He Said: So apparently there are two of these in Conway, hence the number “2” attached to this downtown version of the place. It had been recommended to us, so of course we decided to give it a try for a review. It’s a little soon after our last Mexican restaurant review, but since there are, to quote myself, at least a thousand Mexican restaurants in Conway, that’s gonna happen from time to time! Faby’s is not entirely Mexican, though, since it also boasts “continental” food on its menu which as far as I could tell meant pasta.
She Said: Yeah, the menu is extensive, and it was a delightful place to come to celebrate your first day of retirement, Ruud! I had a tough workout that morning, so I was hungry. I could see right away there would be something for me here.

He Said: This is a nice place. Its downtown location makes it convenient for a lot of people for lunch, which is what we were here for. But also, being in an older downtown building, it had some style and solidity in its environs, and the walls with exposed brick in places decorated with large tasteful canvases of modern art, made for a comfortable atmosphere.
She Said: Yes, I thought it was quite lovely. I like the dark walls and brick you mentioned. It’s a large space, but doesn’t feel big or impersonal, and it’s always fun to come to downtown Conway!

He Said: Coke products. No root beer. Went to my go-to Dr Pepper.
She Said: I had unsweet iced tea, which was tasty, and they served it with a glass of ice on the side so I could administer the ice and adjust the strength of the tea myself. That was a nice touch!

He Said: I found the food to be rich and flavorful Mexican/American fare (I was tempted by the pasta, but went with the “combination” of three chicken tacos with refried beans and Mexican rice). They brought the usual salsa and chips beforehand, along with a small complimentary cup of tortilla soup. The chips were very fresh and light, and the salsa was really a notch above most places, not only because it was deliciously rich but because it was hot—and I don’t mean spicy, but heated as on a stove. This made for an extraordinarily tasty appetizer, and the tortilla soup was just as fresh and flavorful as the salsa.

The chicken tacos (I always get chicken tacos because chicken has far less fat than red meat) were as good as any I’ve had—the chicken was white and tender and there was a lot of it, and the crispy shells seemed made out of the same very fresh and light stuff as the chips. I asked for more salsa and added it to the tacos, which made them even better. The refried beans and rice were, again, as good as any I’ve had in Conway.
She Said: I wanted to at least try the “continental” side of things, so I started with the crab cakes appetizer, although, of course, I really started with the included chips and the tortilla soup, which were both excellent. The crab cakes were deep fried, but the crab meat was really good and tasted very fresh. I could only eat one, so I brought the other home. This could be a lunch on its own: You get two of the cakes, and the breading and rich seafood meat make them rich and filling. It comes with a small salad and a red sauce that more like a chunky-tomato spicy marinara. I didn’t eat much of that because I don’t like red sauces, but I tried a little, and it added some spice to the cakes.

For my entrée, I chose the taco salad from the lunch menu, and it was excellent. I chose shredded chicken meat (you can also get beef or fajita chicken). It wasn’t huge, but I couldn’t eat it all, as the salad was filling with guacamole, plenty of meat, cheese and a cheesy dressing. They serve it with queso on the side so you can add that, as well. The shell it came in was really delicious—the best I’ve ever had a taco salad in—fresh and crispy, but light, not greasy. Perfection! When I was finishing up but still picking, I broke off sections and dipped them in the queso. Yum! I will definitely be coming back here with this salad in mind!

He Said: The service was prompt and friendly, and the server responded quickly when I asked for anything. You must pay your bill at a window rather than from your table, which perhaps speeds things up at the end of the meal if you’ve got to get back to work after lunch.
She Said: Yes, everyone there was very friendly and helpful. We had questions, having never eaten there before, and our waitress was agreeable and always in a good mood. I thought everyone was very hospitable.

What We Got and What We Paid: Combination meal with three chicken tacos, refried beans, and rice, as well as crab cakes, a taco salad, and unsweetened iced tea, for $24.73 (Ruud got a senior discount, which is available on Tuesdays).

He Said: Good food, very reasonably priced, decent service and a nice atmosphere. This should go into our rotation.
She Said: Yes, we’ll be back here. I’d like to try the pasta dishes, but I don’t know if anything can ever get my mind off that delightful taco salad!

So…He Said and She Said: Go here, eat yummy food at a reasonable price, enjoy the service and the discount on Tuesdays if you’re a senior citizen!