Streetside Creperie

Review No. 19: Streetside Creperie

1321 Oak Street

(401) 684-2111

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The Situation

She Said: We wanted to take our collie Atticus with us somewhere for brunch, and when Little Rock plans fell through, we decided to take him to the Streetside Creperie here in Conway, where we could sit outside and enjoy our food and our dog.

Another aspect of this situation was that we are not naturally that easy-going; we’re a little intense and structured. But sometimes, that perspective doesn’t serve us, so over the years, we’ve developed fun-loving, easy-going personas, whom we have named Lance and Fiona Culpepper (long story). When we need to just be happy, and let things happen—when we go to music festivals, for example—we put on these personas. So, this review is written by Lance and Fiona Culpepper, NOT Stacey and Jay.

He Said: Yeah, well, there did not seem to be any reason to adapt the easy-going personas to begin with here. Sitting outside in the beautiful morning weather with our easy-going old collie lying at our feet at the table was pretty relaxing in itself.



Fiona Said: We were mostly outside with Atticus, but inside is bright and cheery, but small. The chalkboard with the crepes on it is adorable and visually appealing. The staff were all very friendly and welcoming, answering the questions we had about the food and service with cheer and energy.

Lance Said: Yes, it’s quite nice inside, but tiny. Most folks sat outside, or stopped in and took their crepes away, which is another possibility if you’re interested in crepes to go.



Fiona Said: I waited a long time for my latte, but it was really, really delicious, so I didn’t care. The milk was frothed artfully, so it looked pretty while also tasting rich and coffee-tastic. We had such great conversations while we waited!

Lance Said: I decided on some nice green tea, which they brought out right away. So I had the tea long before Fiona had anything to drink.



Fiona Said: Well, I got the wrong order. I ordered the House Crepe with bananas, peanut butter and yogurt. When I ordered, the clerk said she could just give me the peanut butter and bananas crepe, but I said I wanted the yogurt, so I’d take the “house” with those specifications. When the crepe came (after a bit of a wait), I started eating it, noticing that it had strawberries. I thought maybe they all had strawberries, but later, I looked on the back of the paper plate and saw that the order specifications were completely wrong. It was really tasty, but it wasn’t what I ordered, so I would like to know what that would have tasted like. BUT, I’m Fiona, and I don’t care about trivial things like not getting what I ask for when it’s a sunny day, I’m out with my husband and my dog, and I’m eating my delicious food, even if it’s not the delicious food I thought I wanted.

The crepes are sizable, and whatever you order, one will be plenty. The crepe itself had an authentic Parisian-crepe quality, and made me think of my time in that beautifully, tasty city.

Lance Said: The food, when I finally received it, was really very good. I had a savory “Garden Lover” crepe, and it was healthy and hearty for a very satisfying breakfast. The crepes were thin and mouth watering, and the vegetables were flavorful and delicious. And yes, one is a complete breakfast. Lance was happy with the crepe he had.



Fiona Said: Aside from my getting the wrong thing, we waited a long time for our food. You order at the counter and then seat yourself and wait for someone to bring it to you (this is if you are outside; maybe inside they call your name, we don’t know). We had gotten there early to make sure we got an outdoor table because of our dog, and in fact, we were so early, they didn’t have the outdoor tables set up yet, but they did so quickly so we could wait with Atticus. I think we were the second group there, but other outdoor diners got their crepes well before us. In fact, I think we reminded the servers of both my coffee order and Lance’s crepe order, as we waited long enough for both to make us think maybe they had forgotten or lost our requests. Everyone was friendly, though, and we weren’t in a hurry (Lance and Fiona never are!), so we made the most of a lovely morning.

Lance Said: The wife may not have had anything to drink for awhile, but she did have something to eat, even though it wasn’t what she ordered, while I sat with my tea for nearly forty minutes. As Fiona has mentioned, when we arrived at the creperie, there were two people sitting inside who were there before us. After we sat down, a couple of other tables filled and a few people stopped in and left with their orders. Finally I asked a waiter about my order, after which it arrived in another five minutes. So, yeah, when you go you might want to sit inside, since it’s harder for them to forget you if you’re in their sight line. Lance, of course, was just happy to be sitting outside with his dog. And sitting. And sitting.


What We Got and What We Paid: “House crepe” (or something selected for me erroneously by the waitress) and a latte, plus a cup of tea and a Garden Lover’s crepe, all for $25.62.



She Said: I want to try it again, but I’ll be sure to be Fiona before I go, and I’ll make sure I check that I get what I ordered.

He Said: Lance thought it was great. He was delighted with the crepe itself, and, being Lance, didn’t much care about the wait.


So…He Said and She Said: Try the crepes and coffee here, but put on your easy-going personas first



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  1. Spencer Pearson
    Spencer Pearson says:

    Hello my name is Spencer, and I am the co-owner of Streetside Creperie. I was not there that day, but I want to thank you for coming in and giving us a try and sharing your feedback. We have a lean staff and are learning everyday and get inspiration from people like yourselves that enjoy and talk about small businesses trying to create change in our community. We hope you come back again and stay engaged!

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