Beebe’s Hamburgers and Hot Dogs

Review No. 83: Beebe’s Hamburgers and Hotdogs

2751 Dave Ward Drive


42.2 percentage done reviewing Conway restaurants


The Situation

She Said: Like everyone, we have a lot going on this time of year, so after a busy morning of teaching and appointments, I texted He Said to meet me at Beebe’s for lunch so we could enjoy a minute of down time together.

He Said: So in the past this location hasn’t had the best luck—basically, it has been the place that restaurants go to die. I have hopes that this one will fare better. The place is named after the owner’s dog, whose story is told on little notices placed at all the tables. This may explain why hot dogs are so big on the menu.



She Said; This place is totes adorbs! I love the bright blue-green walls; it’s very modern soda fountain. The whole seating area is very airy, with tons of natural light from the huge windows in the smallish restaurant. My personal favorite thing was all the record-album covers along the walls above the windows, including many that I owned in high school, Bruce Springsteen’s Born in the USA and the GoGo’s. I actually wondered if He Said had given them my old record collection. Who doesn’t love Cyndi Lauper??

A side note on the ambience: There is a patio with pretty little picnic tables, and you can bring your dog to join you out there (as He Said said, the place is named for their rescue dog, Beebe). But, I have to admit, the thought of sitting there, right by Dave Ward without even a partition or hedge gave me heart palpitations. I would recommend they erect some kind of safety barrier around the patio … and it should be pretty because while the patio is adorable in keeping with the restaurant, the surroundings are not. And the road is DANGEROUS for pups.

He Said: Yes, I sold your old albums on e-bay. You weren’t using them for anything, and I needed the money for my puppy addiction. But they do make the place kind of cozy. I agree it’s bright and comfy in here, though most people weren’t staying to eat: There are quite a few people picking up orders. Also Bite Squad was picking up quite a few things as well.



She Said: Soda drinks and tea. I had the unsweetened iced tea, and it was very nice, strong without being bracing.

He Said: Coke products. So, Dr. Pepper. From the fountain.



She Said: I love a diner burger and fries, the thin, charred patty, the burger dressings, a fresh bun, and the accompanying fries are a staple of my dining out repertoire from an early age growing up in small town South Dakota and visiting similar establishments on the road with my parents (who did not like chain restaurants). The burger at Beebe’s reminded me a lot of those diners of my childhood: a thin, well-grilled patty of fresh beef with fresh fixin’s. In this case, Beebe’s adds their own sauce, which is mayo based, so gets my seal of approval. I, of course, had them hold the tomato, but the leafery was dark green, the pickles were crisp and the condiments were tasty without being overwhelming. I would eat this burger again. The fries were thin and of the softer variety. I asked for mayo for my fries, which came in its own little cardboard boat. I prefer crispier fries, but these were tasty enough that I ate them all anyway.
He Said: I know I should have had a hot dog, this being a heavy dog-friendly place, but my diet forbade it. A place like this presents a challenge to me, because neither beef nor pork is on my list of approved foods for my low-fat diet. Beebe’s Turkey Burger, however, is just the thing: They use all white Butterball turkey to make the burger, which comes with tomato and lettuce and sliced pickles. It’s supposed to come with Beebe’s Special Sauce as well, but when I asked the what was in it, they mentioned first that it was mayonnaise based, which was a big red flag for me, since mayo is the fattiest of all the condiments. Seriously, dip it in raw Crisco oil and you’d be getting less fat. So tasty as that special sauce might be, I asked them to leave it off and give me some ketchup and mustard (both fat free) instead. I added some onions as well, there being no extra charge, and enjoyed the turkey burger just fine. As for the fries, as She Said said, they were a bit soggy, but they were thin and very tasty, so I’m not complaining. I could easily come back here and have this meal again—it’s healthy enough and it tastes pretty good.



She Said: Service was very friendly. Orders are taken at the counter, and laminated menus are available to pick up and peruse while you wait or decide. The clerk takes the order (and you can stipulate no sauce, no tomatoes, etc.) and gives you a clothespin with an identifier for your order. Ours was Johnny Cash (and coincidentally, “Jackson,” our signature karaoke duet, came on when our food was delivered). The food runner was also friendly, and we were also checked on. From the crisp, bright colors to the energetic, friendly service, the whole vibe was neighborhoody and cheerful.

He Said: I concur. I was as is often the case, the problem customer who has a bunch of questions because I’ve got to stay on that diet you’ve heard so much about, and the clerk was perfectly friendly and cooperative. And by the way, She Said, I’m goin’ to Jackson. Turn loose o’ my coat.


What We Got and What We Paid: Beebe’s single deal (hamburger, fries and a drink) and Beebe’s turkey burger deal (also burger, fries and a drink), all for $16.89.


Elapsed Time from Arrival to Food Arrival: 20 minutes



She Said: Great diner burgers in a cheery atmosphere.

He Said: Have it your way with a smile. Wait, is that somebody’s slogan? It works here too. 

So… He Said and She Said: Go here for burgers and fries (we didn’t try the hotdogs) and a little atmospheric pick-me-up.



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