Subway on Farris

Review No. 62: Bonus! Check-in at Subway on Farris (UCA)

205 Farris Road

(501) 327-2916

33.5 percent finished reviewing Conway restaurants

Note: We post bonus reviews as we check in to various chain restaurants around Conway for which we have already done an initial review. We reviewed Subway on Oak Street in January and we’ll check in to the other Conway Subway as we proceed in our quest to dine at every restaurant in our fair city.


She Said: We had the pleasure of meeting Ruud2 here for lunch on a Thursday, so we thought we’d write it up for our project as restaurant No. 62. I’ve always liked this Subway store the best of the Conwegian sites. It’s open and friendly with lots of natural light.

Today, for reasons of my own, I was trying to avoid bread, even though I like the subway bread offerings myself. I decided to try their salads, which their menu says they will make for you from any sandwich for $1.75 extra (and it reduces the calories of a six-inch sub by 170—if I pay you $3.50, can you get those calories down to zero??), so I quickly reviewed the sandwich menu and settled on one of the lighter subs, as that seemed to go best with the salad idea. The sweet-onion chicken teriyaki sounded good on greens instead of a bun. They also ask you if you want the salad “chopped” or layered. The chopped version means the sandwich artist puts all the ingredients, per your specifications, into a special bowl and rolls a chopper over all of it. I was on the fence, until my server’s colleague piped up, “Chopped is more fun!” so that’s what I picked. The chicken is grilled, and there’s a healthy amount, but I didn’t find it particularly teriyaki-y, actually. Then, I chose a mix of spinach and lettuce, cucumbers, just a little tomato and a little onion and American cheese. I had the sweet-onion dressing, as well.

The chicken was tasty and tender, and the salad was exactly what I like, because I chose everything that went in it. Next time, I will ask them to go light on the dressing. I got tired of it before the salad was finished because it’s kind of strong, especially as I got toward the bottom of the bowl. Crackers would have cut this, or if I’d gotten a bowl of soup, that might have lightened the flavor weight, as well. I will get it again, though, as it’s really nice to order something healthy and light at a fast-food restaurant chain. I think it ended up about 200 calories, and I didn’t eat it all. I also got unsweet tea, and it was tasty, as well.

This is my favorite Subway in Conway. They are friendly, centrally located and helpful. If you like Subway and haven’t been to this location, you should try it out, tout de suite!

He Said: Sure Jones, if you pay them enough, they can be bribed not to give you the order at all and you’ll reduce it to zero calories. How’s that sound?

As for me, I decided that I’d try something different this time too, since we reviewed sandwiches at the last Subway, so I ordered the broccoli and cheese soup, along with a bag of baked sour cream and onion-flavored potato chips and a double chocolate chip cookie, washed down with a bottle of Cherry Coke. I do like being able to get a drink in a bottle out of the cooler at this Subway, since I’ve never been a fan of fountain drinks: They often have the settings wrong so what you get isn’t mixed right and tastes too strong or too weak, plus they give you ¾ of a glass of ice, giving you get ten cents worth of soda for five dollars, and it’s so watered down by the ice that you can’t taste it anyway. But I digress.

Not many places have Cherry Coke, so it’s a nice treat at Subway. The broccoli and cheese soup is pretty tasty here—I’ve had better, but the Subway recipe isn’t bad and it’s a warm, tangy substitute for the typical sandwich. It’s a bit light even for lunch, though, so augmenting it with chips is a good idea. Chips tend to have a lot of fat, so I usually skip them because of my low-fat, pancreatitis-inspired diet. But baked Lays don’t have much fat—only 3 ½ grams in the sour cream ones (same is true of the barbecue). Of course, these are not nearly as delicious as the regular potato chips, but if you’re trying to eat healthy you can probably choke down the baked ones without too much regret.

And then you’ll be able to spend your fat grams on the double chocolate chip cookies, which are one of the great delights of Subway—nice, big, soft chocolate cookies with both white and dark chocolate chips in them. I considered them my reward for eating healthy the rest of the meal.

Ruud 2: I hadn’t been to Subway in about a year, so it was nice to be back.  Unlike Jones I was hopeful to have the sandwich that had the most bread, double bread please!  Don’t make the Earl of Sandwich sad.  I settled on the new Chicken Pico chicken guacamole sandwich (though I usually don’t like to try new things *spoiler alert*).  It came with pico salsa, melted cheese of my choice and all the guacamole I could shove in my mouth, so that alone was worth the price.  In fact, I think Subway should consider an all bread and guacamole sandwich with extra cheese.  They can call it “Take a ride on the A (vacado) train to Guacamole-ville.”  Get it …SUBWAY?  Train?  You’re welcome Subway.

This Subway is close to UCA which works great for me-I can even walk off some of that double bread back to the office.  The employees there are always pleasant and cheerful, so I don’t feel like I am ruining their day while ordering which should be standard practice at restaurants of this kind, but we all know is not always the case.  Overall, this was a very pleasant and cost effective lunch experience.


Elapsed Time from Entry to Food Arrival: It’s Subway. You know the drill.


What We Got and What We Paid: One 6-inch Pico Chicken Sub, one Chicken Teriyaki Salad, one 8-ounce Broccoli-Cheddar Soup, two 21-ounce fountain drinks, one bottled Cherry Coke, three cookies, all for $28.88 for three people.



She Said: Stop in here for a bigger, nicer Subway, and try a salad of your favorite sandwich!

Ruud2: Come for the bread, reasonable prices and friendly staff.  But the biggest point I want to make is:  Guacamole makes everything amazing

He Said: Guacamole has a lot of fat so I actually can never eat it. But I can have those sad, dry chips. But there is enough variety of good stuff at Subway to make it a pleasant lunch stop.



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