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Movie Review: Ant-Man Peyton Reed

In issue #34 of Showcase magazine in 1961, a new comic-book super-hero was introduced—a brilliant scientist who had found a way to shrink himself down to the size of an ant, while still retaining the strength and power of a full-grown man. The publisher was DC comics and the superhero was called “The Atom.” As […]

Movie Review: Inside Out by Pete Docter

Back in the fifth century, a Latin writer named Prudentius composed a poem called Psychomachia (the “Battle of the Spirits”), in which he personified virtues and vices that might coexist within the human mind and portrayed them at war with one another: Chastity is assaulted by Lust, Patience is attacked by Anger, Greed is presented […]

Movie Review: Spy by Paul Feig

If you’ve been out of the country for a month as I have, you may not have seen Spy yet, and if that’s the case, let me take this opportunity to recommend it. With Jurassic Park and Age of Ultron having already garnered around half a billion dollars each at the box office, Hollywood’s summer […]